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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


I just finished putting together my valentine red "Ruffled Edge Cardigan" sweater from Vogue Knitting Summer '03. I know that Large sizes sometimes have too-long sleeves, but this is ridiculous! It's supposed to be 3/4-length. Instead it looks like I'm just a really bad knitter (which I may be but let's don't go there)! If it has to do with the knitting, I'm prone to blame it on the fact that (as usual) I modified the pattern by using Dale Baby Ull instead of forking out $200 on Bliss Baby Cashmerino as the original pattern calls for.

So now instead of getting to wear it, I have to somehow eliminate 2 inches for it to look anything like the original. I thought about washing it in warm water, but then it would show at least 2 inches above my belly button, which I prefer to keep under wraps for now. Maybe after a few more months of Atkins I might be brave enough for that.

So, should I attempt the impossibly boring task of shortening two sleeves and kitchenering them together again or start a new project? I really want to begin a two-color sweater project of my own design with some Sirdar Legend DK yarn that I bought last year when NeedleArts went out of business. Since I'm hoping to publish a pattern, I should probably start the new one. At least that sounds like a good excuse to me.

In the meantime, I'm hoping to earn some yarn money by going in on a garage sale with friends. So I've been tagging toys, clothes, and everything else I can get my hands on. I keep thinking...if I just sold everything I own, maybe I could start all over and "remake" myself and the house and all. I am definitely selling all items I haven't used or worn in at least 2 years (except my yarn and fabric stash of course).

POSTSCRIPT 2/2006: Great - I just sold the last of the baby stuff last fall and poof! Bun in the oven. Hope it's a boy.


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