Knitting projects with a little real life thrown in

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Back in the Saddle

I've got my priorities all straigtened out now! Too much going on due to the holidays, and maybe a little laziness on my part. Hubby was home for 2 whole weeks and if you don't think that got on my nerves...?

I decided to treat myself to a knit-in at Twisted Yarns in Old Town Spring and got myself roped into starting a new scarf. The "Color on Color" scarf from the new Scarf Style book. Didn't realize exactly what I was in for, but bought a kit immediately. I think I may even enjoy the weekly meetings more than the finished project...on second thought...I can't wait to finish the darn thing so I can wear it. If you get bored with projects easily, this is the pattern for you!