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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Last night, some friends and I had our first Sit-N-Knit. We all said it's bout time...we've been wanting to (no, needing to) for ages. I brought my Color-on-Color scarf from Scarf Style.
Marcela brought a gorgeous hand-dyed afghan she bought in Canada this summer. And Sharon started a crocheted bag.

Sharon was the bestest hostess and had made Oreo Balls. They sound weird and look weird, but they taste like heaven. She said just throw a bag of Oreos and 8 oz. softened cream cheese in the blender. Refrigerate for an hour or two and roll into balls, then dip in melted chocolate. Yeah, Sharon! One more recipe that I'll be tempted to make during the deepest, darkest hours of my chocoholism.

Marcela and I are going to the KANG Conference this Saturday. Hope the market is fun, since we didn't sign up for classes. What am I saying? Surrounding myself with fiber, color, and fellow knitters is my idea of paradise, not to mention getting away from the husband and kids.

Speaking of which, Cole is going to start sprinting across the room any day now. 10 months, 2 weeks, and a gut full of get-go. He's going to complete my gray hair any day now. Course, that's not saying much.


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