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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

WIP Heaven

...or stitch holders = death

I just bought some knitting needles off eBay! I had some Addi Turbo circulars picked out (I compared Patternworks and Ram Wools - both were $14.95 + $6 shipping). Then I just thought I'd check eBay and maybe buy used needles. There they were. Brand new Addi's for 9.95 + 2.25 shipping)...what a deal!

I was feeling really guilty about buying them anyway. The only reason I need them is because I have a half-finished sweater sitting on my size 8 Addi's and I don't want to take them off. There's this fear that if I take it off the needles and put it on a stitch-holder, it'll never get finished. It will die or go to WIP heaven.

What is WIP heaven like?
  1. Is it a place where once-coveted and long-out-of-style sweaters get finished by smallish, bearded dwarves in tweed knickers brandishing lightening-quick needles?

  2. Maybe it's like the Island of Misfit Toys where decapitated bunnys, toe-less socks, armless jackets, and foot-long lace stoles frolick together gaily, all-the-while hiding their secret longing to be finished and lovingly worn.

  3. Or perhaps it is an emancipation when, after decades of imprisonment, the tragic yarn is released from its stitch-holders and unknit, subsequently having to go through years of therapy to erase its memory and relax all the kinks from its fiber. Then hopefully there's rehabilitation where perhaps it can once again become a contributing member of society and be "re-knit" into a usable garment.

I prefer to think of my WIPs as in a sort of yarn purgatory. Tonight, I'll light a candle for each project in progress (do I have that many candles?) and pray for their poor, imprisoned souls. Then I'll pull each one out and lovingly caress the hand-wrought stitches, reflect how far my skills have come, and ponder over the pattern to see if I can pick up where I left off.


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